Mealtime Made Easy
Create a meal with the foods and flavors that you like, or that's already in your kitchen
...assuming you have raw fruits and veggies, of course :-)
Instead of searching through hundreds of recipes, which typically have ingredients that you don't have on hand, use these Meal Formulas! Choose Organic foods whenever possible. The less toxic chemicals you allow into your body, the better.
Super Salads
Raw produce is where it's at! Eat at least one Super Salad a day to keep the doctor away.
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Try your hand at making your own salad dressing, one that will keep you coming back for more!
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Veggie Stews
Warm, smooth, satisfying, filling, and made with exactly the foods you like.
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Stir Fry
Try your hand at your own vegetable stir fry over rice, quinoa, noodles, or wrapped in a tortilla with a Super Salad on the side.
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Just ass easy as a salad, but with that comfort food appeal.
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Each step here is optional:
  1. Shred some greens, throw them in a bowl.
  2. Cube, dice, shred a bunch of fruits and veggies. Throw them in the bowl.
  3. (optional) Handful of cubed or stripped roasted meat or seafood.
  4. (optional) Handful of beans
  5. Get some nuts, dried fruit, maybe some shredded cheese... Throw them in the bowl.
  6. Smother in your dressing of choice. Preferably home-made. See dressing formula.