Eating to Heal
"The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or slowest form of poison."
-- Ann Wigmore

I've researched and tried almost every “diet” (I really dislike using that word, because the meaning of it is usually misunderstood.) I tried everything from Adkins to the blood type diet to vegan-ism to raw food-ism; each for an extended period of time. Some are completely bogus while others have value but sometimes get so caught up in themselves that they ignore certain dietary principles.

* How to eat:

  1. Drink a glass of Lemon Water first thing in the morning.
  2. While Eating:
    • Chew your food until it is like liquid in your mouth, do not swallow big hunks.
    • Do not drink while eating, wait about half hour (or until you get thirsty) before drinking after a meal.
    • When having a multi-course meal, eat it in the following order: dessert/fruit, then heavy foods (pasta, meat, etc), then salad (not the other way around)
  3. Do not graze: Allow your digestive track to (1) fully digest what you've already eaten during meal time, and (2) take a break. Your body will always put digestion first, so if you are always eating, you are never giving your body a chance to do its daily maintenance and heal itself. If you must graze, raw foods, only.

* What to eat:

  1. Organic fruits and sea vegetables; usually raw.
    A source of the bulk of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
  2. Organic vegetables; sometimes raw, sometimes slowly cooked at low heat.
    Also a source of the bulk of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
  3. Oatmeal and potatoes; slowly and gently cooked.
    The fuel of the diet, we all need carbs.
  4. Boiled oatmeal, carrots, and brown rice.
    Sources of protein.
  5. Nuts, soaked overnight.
    Another source of protein. Nuts are also high in fat. Soaking overnight enables the protein and fat to chemically combine, making the fat water-soluble and easier to digest.
  6. Sprouted grains and legumes (beans).
    Sprouting “wakes them up”, making them more digestible. Before sprouting, they are in a dormant state which is why they have such a long shelf life.
  7. Flax seeds and flax seed oil
    Contains omega 3 fatty acids that are not only healthy fats, but they also pull cholesterol away from cells walls, allowing your body to eliminate them. Ultimately bringing your cholesterol down to a healthy level.
  8. Fermented foods
    Fermenting makes certain foods more easily digestible and ensures that the nutrients become available. Natural souring, also contributes additional enzymes from the bacteria and their action on the sugars increases their food value
  9. Lots of juicing!
    Juicing removes fiber and makes the nutrients more readily available to and easily absorbed by your body. Fresh pressed juices are vital to those recovering from degenerative diseases, including cancer.
  10. On a rare occasion
    Depending on your body type and lifestyle: Raw all natural dairy products and hormone/antibiotic free (and preferably free range and organic) poultry, meat, and/or seafood.

* What to Avoid:

  1. HFCS: High Fructose Corn Syrup
    Shown to be the cause of heart disease, obesity, type II diabetes, and countless other related diseases. Avoid it at all costs, at all times.
  2. Aluminum, non-stick, coated cookware and utensils
    They leech toxic chemicals and metals into your food. Choose stainless steel, glass, pyrex, enamel, earthenware, cast iron or tinware instead.

Why does all of this matter? Why be so precise about what you eat and how those foods are prepared??
Your body has a natural ability to heal itself, assuming that you treat it right. This means having healthy kidneys and liver, a clean digestive tract, and eating food rich in nutrients in a form that your body can absorb. The food I prepare will help cleanse your body, restore your kidney and liver function, and is very high in easily digestible and absorbable nutrients.

All of the cells and tissues that make up every part of your body are constantly dying and regenerating. The food you eat today gets broken down and is used to regenerate your cells and tissues of tomorrow. Through this process (and by eating the right foods) you can heal yourself of just about anything without the use of medication or invasive medical techniques.